As we embark on this transformative new year, we at Patient Expert Center and Patient Voice Partners are collaborating to share our market reflections to fortify your organization’s plans as you set in motion your projects for 2024.

By: Stefan Gijssells, Patient Expert Center, Belgium and Ursula Mann, Patient Voice Partners, Canada

Here are some priority topics with which we can help:

  • Gaining Insight into the Patient Journey through the Eyes of Patients and Caregivers
    • Strategically planning with advisory boards and surveys to capture diverse stakeholder perspectives, emphasizing diversity and inclusion, so that the total patient experience can be inventorized and needs addressed
    • The knowledge acquired can aid in comprehending challenges related to adherence, diagnostic considerations, and disparities in access to care, both at individual and collective level
    • Maintaining the highest standards of privacy and anonymity while being transparent about the utilization of information is imperative
  • Embracing Shared Decision-Making with Patients, including obtaining insights from patients living with the disease
  • Co-Designing with Patients and Caregivers
    • Shifting from just receiving the right information, to systematic consultation and collaboration with patient and patient organizations, towards eventually attaining genuine partnership
  • Recognizing the Ongoing Value of Patient Organizations
    • These organizations remain crucial in supporting patients across various disease states, offering education, and advocating for the needs of both patients and caregivers. They create value at individual level as well as for healthcare professionals, hospitals, companies and the health system as a whole

Test your organization!

Have you addressed and prepared in your plans for: Check!
1 Incorporating the viewpoints of patients and caregivers into your projects?
2 Incorporating diverse stakeholder perspectives from advisory boards and surveys?
3 Mapping the patient journey across every disease state, with a a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion differences?
4 Identifying emerging trends and adapting your strategies accordingly?
5 Ensuring ongoing engagement with patients and stakeholders to stay attuned to evolving needs?

We invite you to engage with us in further discussions on how your organization can derive benefits and take a leading role by integrating diverse stakeholder perspectives.

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Stefan Gijssells, Patient Expert Center, Belgium

Ursula Mann, Patient Voice Partners, Canada