• Patient Voice Partners

Patient Voice Partners specializes in building patient engagement connections as a healthcare and life science agency

We build insight generation activities and engagement with patients, caregivers, health care professionals, and organizations that seek to improve all aspects of patient care, disease state management and treatment.

The team is comprised with expertise from the health care professional, patient and caregiver space and decades of experience in the pharmaceutical sector within commercial, medical and market access.

With a strong interest to collaborate across the globe, we establish innovative and trusted partnerships to deliver on essential information for healthcare system users and population health decision makers, elevating insights from patients and caregivers.

Patient Voice Partners Canada

To empower patient and caregiver
centered conversations


To connect and garner insights in development, delivery of care, and evaluation of every aspect of disease management and treatment


Patients & Caregivers as Experts
Diversity and Inclusion
Respect for People

Patients and caregivers can describe first hand experiences
in all aspects of disease management and treatment.

For years we all tried to act on assumptions or only learn indirectly from other stakeholders.
Patient Voice Partners helps support organizations innovate with insights by partnering
with patients, caregivers, and organizations to share expertise in the development and
execution of all aspects of disease management. We simplify the process of integrating patient input into patient care product and service development and delivery. Patient Voice Changes Approach™